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GH0003 - Landscape (2015) Oil on canvas 30 cm x 40 cm
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Artist: GAO HONG
Gao was born in Wuhan city, the provincial capital of Hubei province, a major commercial hub in the central part of China with the Yang Tze River (Chang Jiang) flowing through the city.
     Gao studied at the Hubei Art Academy and was graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor Degree in Art. She continued her study and research work on oil painting and obtained a Master Degree in 2005. Currently, Gao is lecturing visual art at the Hubei Art Academy.
     In 2014, Gao had her first solo exhibition at the art gallery of Hubei Art Academy in Wuhan. In the past decade, Gao had participated in more than 55 art exhibitions in China including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and her home base Wuhan. In 2011, selected artworks of Gao’s were being chosen to exhibit in France to celebrate the Sino-Franco Joint Art Festival.
     “Gao’s paintings are special in a way that they offer a brand new perspective of expression. Striking colors denote subversive elegance, loneliness, misery and mystery on faces – probably, this is what the young artist feels that people are so uncertain about their destiny in this fast changing world,” said art critics.