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PT0022 - Victoria Harbour in Prosperity
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Peter is an architect, interior designer and landscape designer, graduated from the Tianjin University's Department of Architecture in 1962. Peter has been responsible for many architectural and landscape design projects in Hong Kong, cities in mainland China and abroad. Peter is also very interested in painting, especially water colour painting and sketch. Peter’s paintings demonstrate the architectural style of the buildings which are meticulous, with rich ambience. People are recognizable from within the landscape and buildings. Peter has created a series of water colour paintings, including the Kowloon Walled City Park, the Coastline of Hong Kong and Hong Kong's Monuments, under the theme of "Impression of Hong Kong". Through the water, colours and brushes, and this “Impression of Hong Kong” Series, Peter advocates to share the beauty of Hong Kong with people who were born, live and work here, in addition to friends all over the world who are fascinated with and interested to know more of this tiny yet vibrant place: Hong Kong.